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Small Business

You’re juggling a lot of balls. We get it.

You know having a great team along with razor sharp insights is key to your business success, but it can be hard to know where to start or find the time.

Digital Media

Connection with your potential customers in the online world translates into real-world business.

Digital media gives you the competitive edge with a practice as old as time - storytelling. Our team has experience working with budgets of any size, ensuring your strategy is a perfect fit for your business. Consultations available.

Self Publishing

Unleash Your Inner Author

Do you have a story to tell? Are you itching to share your thoughts with the world, but don't know how to get started?

Why Is The Doorway Is Unique?

The Doorway founders Travis and Kirsten understand business. With over 40 years experience across multiple channels- their knowledge just became yours.

  • We have done it! Not just booksmart (wink wink) So we offer everything from training to services, to help you achieve your goals.

  • Great success along with some good failures along the way, we have lived it. We get it. Our knowledge just became yours.

  • We understand the pressures of business, scaling, team dynamics and solutions. People seem to like us a lot, and when you pair this with the other good bits- what's' not to love?

  • We offer courses to support teams, tried and tested in a busy retail environment, a bustling news syndicate, a digital media business and a manufacturing plant with incredible results that flow through to happy vibes and the bottom line.

  • Don't forget the formal stuff- our qualifications include Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Business Management, Digital Media, Reputation Management, Workplace Safety, Mindfulness for Performance, Social Sciences, and a lot more letters and fancy ticks including Best Selling Author!

How can we help?

  • One on One Mentoring

    Want to chat about strategy? From work life balance to how to get a business ready for sale, or what you are going to do next- perhaps you might want to know how to get a book published? Marketing, Digital Media, and Product Development. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

  • Team Training

    Interactive, fun and seamless online courses for your team, from sales training to conflict resolution and leadership. Take a load off and let us get your team growing and working more cohesively.

  • Workshops

    Our in person workshops are coming! We are creating a new event space in Victoria. Be sure to subscribe to be in the know about upcoming events. (PS we supply the laughs and good coffee)

  • Team members get certified!

    When your team members complete one of the Doorway courses they are rewarded with a certificate. Everyone loves to be rewarded for their efforts!

Humbling and Wonderful
What our lovely clients have to say

Kirsten's business mentoring has been invaluable to me and my business. She walks her talk, understands my values, and simplifies strategies, processes and tools to eradicate overwhelm or confusion. Kirsten's on top of both macro and micro aspects of business and marketing, and has also given me confidence to bring back-burner business projects forward. Added to all this, she's a 100% trustworthy person with her heart in the right place. I can't recommend Kirsten and her services highly enough.

Sally Wilson
Being with Sally Wilson - Podcast

Had my first session with the team at Geelong Social Media yesterday and came away with a weight lifted off my shoulders. Social media for a professional person is so important and therefore you require people who are specialists in their field to manage it for you. I had been battling to keep up so handing this part of my business over to these super professionals has allowed me to concentrate on what l do best i.e. being a Naturopath.
Thank you to Kirsten and the team, your work is ridiculously amazing!

Susan Byrne Your Naturopath

Kirsten’s invaluable business mentoring immediately unlocked new online pathways garnering business leads and new clients from the get-go. Our venue’s online visibility improved exponentially. Incredibly beneficial business asset, and Kirsten is wonderful to work with!

Gigi The Barn Wallington

Kirsten was great to work with, very insightful and knowledgeable. The advice she provided helped me to understand the best next steps to take to improve my digital marketing.
Thank you

Leah May Pappas

Kirsten from the Doorway Group is a real gem of a human. She mentored me through some tough times and I found that she was a great listener and very helpful in navigating struggles business owners are all too familiar with. Highly recommended.

Matthew Smith Impressions Design

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