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Why Is The Doorway Is Unique?

The Doorway founders Travis and Kirsten understand business. With over 40 years experience across multiple channels- their knowledge just became yours.

  • We have done it! Not just booksmart (wink wink) So we offer everything from training to services, to help you achieve your goals.

  • $52+ Million in sales along with some good failures along the way, we have lived it. We get it. Our knowledge just became yours.

  • We understand the pressures of business, scaling, team dynamics and solutions. People seem to like us a lot, and when you pair this with the other good bits- what's' not to love?

  • Our courses have been tried and tested in a busy retail environment, a bustling news syndicate, a digital media business and a manufacturing plant with incredible results that flow through to happy vibes and the bottom line.

  • Don't forget the formal stuff- our qualifications include Emotional Intelligence, Life Coaching, Business Management, Digital Media, NLP, Workplace Safety, Mindfulness for Performance, Social Sciences, and a lot more letters and fancy ticks including Best Selling Author!

How can we help?

  • Team Training

    Interactive, fun and seamless online courses for your team, from sales training to conflict resolution and leadership. Take a load off and let us get your team growing and working more cohesively.

  • One on One Consultancy

    Want to chat about strategy? From work life balance to how to get a business ready for sale, or what you are going to do next- perhaps you might want to know how to get a book published? Our knowledge is your knowledge.

  • Workshops

    Our in person workshops are coming! We are creating a new event space in Victoria. Be sure to subscribe to be in the know about upcoming events. (PS we supply the laughs and good coffee)

  • Team members get certified!

    When your team members complete one of the Doorway courses they are rewarded with a certificate. Everyone loves to be rewarded for their efforts!

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